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A simply scrummy icing….

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front. No posts and reading of all the lovely blogs I follow. I am stateside now for a short while and hope to put that to rights. A dear friend had a significant birthday just before I […]


Naked celebration cake

I have been pinning these fashionable cakes for a little while now, and a friend's birthday this week gave me the opportunity to give one a try. There seem to be huge variations on what can be classed as 'naked'- some are distinctinctly rustic while […]

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Sculpted cakes

Sculpted cakes

I have made a couple of sculpted cakes as a gift to friends, but this was my first car. I decided to add the traffic cones after I thought it sloped to one side- My excuse was a flat tyre! Great cake for a petrol […]


Pistachio cake

How annoying is it when you see some amazing bake on pinterest and the link (if there is one) takes you to only a photograph on tumblr?! Well I am going to pull off that today because I can't for the life of me remember […]


Cupcake flower basket

  This cup cake flower basket was so easy that I will make it again and get every cupcake looking a bit more like a perfect rose- but I think this is good enough to post. All you need is a container, big enough to […]

Tiffany box birthday cake

Tiffany box birthday cake

  I thought the Tiffany box, lots of which can be viewed on YouTube, was an elegant, grown up sort of cake for my bestie in guernsey. Getting the colour of blue was trial and error, but I achieved not a bad match mixing Renshaw's […]