Date slice/bliss balls

  If you never have a failure in the kitchen you never cook or bake- the real question is how you deal with things that go wrong. Straight to the bin or find a workaround? I was given this date slices recipe from my niece and was so keen to make it as I love…

Very special chocolate cake filling

This cake is not for calorie counters, but if you want a party cake to go a long way, this is the one for you. If you have a favourite chocolate cake, then make that. The main point of this post is to give a 'shout out' for Heater Baird of Sprinklebakes. I pinned her…

Biscoff cheesecake – a ‘when Harry met Sally’ cake

I am in future going to call this my 'Harry met sally' cheesecake as one of my male guests last night had such a moment on his first mouthful of this cake, and several more while polishing it off! The new Thermomix TM5 comes with a preloaded recipe chip and I am testing and adapting…

Espresso buttermilk cake.

Even if if you think you don't like coffee cake, give this one a try- super light and moist made in double quick time- promise!

Easter treats

Quite glorious 88°F Easter Sunday in Phoenix. The little knits above come all the way from guernsey

Biscoff tray bake

As all my regular readers know I love all things biscoff and try to adapt everything to the vorsprung dur technik that is the Thermomix.