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Stollen with a twist

I love homemade stollen but am grateful the urge to make it only comes in December! I have given Lakeland a good few 'shout outs' recently, and here is another for their stollen tin. Of course you can simply roll a stollen as I have […]

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This is my standard Thermomix challah receive which you can find here. I thought it might be different to plait and place in a long loaf tin. The Wilton's one I used is 41cm/16″ by 12cm/4″. The end result gives you a great size to […]

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Milk bread rolls

This milky bread dough is right up there as one of the easiest fail safe recipes around. It is adapted from the Fast and Easy Cooking TM3 Thermomix book – it can easily be adapted for hand or bread machine. If you divide into 12-14 […]

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Malthouse fruit Loaf

I am always on the lookout for flour variations and I came across this Doves Farm organic bread flour which in addition to wheat flour contains 15% malted wheat flakes, 3%rye flour and 3%barley malt four. Of course you can throw this combination together yourself […]

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Wholewheat raisin loaf

For the second of my speciality breads this weekend I have turned to a very east, yummy raisin bread. The secret is to soak the raisins until they are fully plumped up. The more liquid you use in this soak the less water you should […]

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Pesto bread

  After an August lull I am going to hit the blog with two breads which are truly wonderful. I have adapted both for the Thermomix but you could easily make both using traditional methods. I rarely manage to use the slow prove in the […]


Cranberry pecan rye bread

  I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart book. If I'm honest I thought the mixture was way too heavy and would bro ably result in a baked brick! It is a dense, fruity, nutty bread but very, very delicious. If you omit the […]


Thermomix baguettes

  I do love to return to basics and this classic from Fast and Easy Cooking (for the TM3) was one I cut my teeth on, so to speak, all those years ago when the Thermomix was new to me. It never fails. I made […]

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Raisin Challah- Thermomix

I have been travelling is it's nice to get into the kitchen with a new book ! Challah is always a winner and this is no exception. I have made prettier ones in my time but next time I'll pop this into a round pan […]


Apricot vanilla loaf

    A loaf like this is so quick and easy-no yeast and therefore no waiting for first and second proof. You can easily switch things around substituting different fruit, chocolate chips, nut, herbs. As ever if you want to use alternative flours, play around […]


Praline chocolate Brioche

Oh my- this is a winner! A simple Thermomix brioche filled with praline paste and chocolate spread, rolled and baked. The brioche is the Thermomix recipe from the chip/BCB on the premise that if this makes a wonderful brioche every time why mess with it. […]

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