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Thermomix baguettes

  I do love to return to basics and this classic from Fast and Easy Cooking (for the TM3) was one I cut my teeth on, so to speak, all those years ago when the Thermomix was new to me. It never fails. I made […]

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Raisin Challah- Thermomix

I have been travelling is it's nice to get into the kitchen with a new book ! Challah is always a winner and this is no exception. I have made prettier ones in my time but next time I'll pop this into a round pan […]


Rye bread

as my regular readers will know I have not reached expert status with my sourdough- this is an understatement – it is a work in progress as I haven't yet given up. Most rye breads I have come across require a sour dour starter so […]


Granola – yet another….

Making your own granola sets you free from over sweetened, dodgy 'healthy' labels on prepackaged brands. It also allows to cater for your family's particular preferences and/or food intolerances. It has never been easier to find a huge range of sugar and grain alternatives in […]


French toast

French toast conjures up memories of some the best American breakfast/brunches ever. This Thermomix variation derives from one on the Australian Thermomix community site. Of course you can simply whisk up the ingredients in a bowl but the TM gives you a perfectly fine brown […]

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Thermomix Milk bread

You can ring the changes easily with this basic milk bread recipe from TM Fast and Easy Cooking just by shaping it differently. I like to be able to freeze most of a batch and just defrost a couple of rolls or a small loaf […]


Reading terminal food market

Over on my travel and photography blog, @vannilla, I have been posting about my recent visit to Philadelphia but I had to say something about their amazing Reading Terminal food market here. I have visited food markets all over the world – of course I […]


Golden berries every way

Golden berries- Apparently these little babies can help you burn belly fat – well, my belly certainly needs shedloads of that. Anyways, not being a dedicated Dr Oz follower I only found this out while doing a google search AFTER I had picked them up […]


Green start to the day

I have been an enthusiastic Thermomix owner for years and a blogger for a little over a year. However, until recently I have not played around will the green healthy breakfast idea! I am simply amazed by how easy it is turn the second shot […]

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