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Praline chocolate Brioche

Oh my- this is a winner! A simple Thermomix brioche filled with praline paste and chocolate spread, rolled and baked. The brioche is the Thermomix recipe from the chip/BCB on the premise that if this makes a wonderful brioche every time why mess with it. […]

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Thermomix brioche

  I have a favourite Thermomix brioche recipe which I posted here. While I work through the new recipe chip on the Thermomix 5, I thought it would be worth comparing that recipe. The one on the chip works really well and I can thoroughly […]

Yummy scrummy Brioche

Yummy scrummy Brioche

The French know a thing or two about food, but for me their bread is unrivalled. Brioche is quite simply a buttery 'bread' wonder. If you love bread and butter pudding you will love it even more made with brioche.