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Peanut Butter blondies

I am road testing the lovely new book from James Morton- UK readers may remember him from the Great British Bake Off. I received this book from one of my daughters- she knew I loved his first book of bread making, but was concerned this […]


Brookies – with a pumpkin twist

You love brownies? You love cookies? Bake them in layers and what do you get? – brookies, of course. I have given these a pumpkin twist, and made them in the Thermomix. If you haven't got a Thermomix, why not! Seriously just make the two […]


Thermomix brownies

I am having fun working through I love chocolate, the Thermomix book which not only weighs a kilo, but making and eating the recipes ensures you put on a kilo! Like Dani Valent's In the Mix book which I featured in a previous post it […]