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Caribbean rum cake

This is a lovely moist favourite from the Caribean, reminiscent of the tinned variety which are often given around Christmas. I developed this recipe for the Thermomix from a book I found in Barbedos, Angela Spenceley's Just add Rum. the recipe apparently comes from the […]

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Whole orange mini bundt

This Thermomix recipe from the (Australian)Everyday cookbook, EDC, is so easy and suitable for those family members and friends who want to avoid gluten. I used standard baking powder, which can have traces of gluten so if you want to avoid it all, scource the […]

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Orange bundt

' I made this cakes for a friend's birthday – I think bundts cakes are perfect for party sharing as they seem to go such a long way. You can cut the tiniest slither so easily (and then go back for seconds!) This wonderful Bundt […]


Thermomix marble cake

  Most of us have made a marble cake, but I had laboriously had two equal bowls of chocolate and vanilla mixture and added each in turn – that is until I read this wonderful marble recipe in Thermomix My Way of Cooking. They suggest […]