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Madeira mini loaves with marmalade glaze

Sometimes you need to revisit those old classics – you know the ones! The recipe book pages and stuck together with mixture, your great gran’s hand writing is is a light shade of its former self. This recipe is perfect example since a Madeira cake […]


A special valentines cake

This gin and lemon is the ultimate cake for moist yumminess- there really is no secret to moist cakes, they always have a syrup poured over just after removing from the oven. Leave the cake in the tin and refridgerate for at least an hour. […]


Caribbean rum cake

This is a lovely moist favourite from the Caribean, reminiscent of the tinned variety which are often given around Christmas. I developed this recipe for the Thermomix from a book I found in Barbedos, Angela Spenceley's Just add Rum. the recipe apparently comes from the […]

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Sour cherry stollen cake

  Yes, this is a cake as opposed to a bread. It really is a great variation on the wonderful more traditional stollen I posted last week. The benefits are that you don't have to use yeast and you don't have to wait! As I […]


Bûche de Noël

Some Buche de noel recipes have 7 stages and lists of ogre diets as long as your arm. I am not knocking them out of court ( I have been known to make Swedish princess cake more than twice!) but at Christmas sometimes you just […]


Anti- gravity cake

  The anti-gravity concept has been around for a while and is a lot of fun. It's fair to say that it becomes mainstream when suppliers like Lakeland in the UK supply adaptable kits at a reasonable price, under £10. Lakeland's Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit […]


A simply scrummy icing….

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front. No posts and reading of all the lovely blogs I follow. I am stateside now for a short while and hope to put that to rights. A dear friend had a significant birthday just before I […]


Pistachio and honey drizzle mini loaves

This cake is really special! I have adapted it from the Amber Rose's Love Bake Nourish, a book whose recipes I have feature previously. Her recipes work, they use alternative flours and sweeteners, and are easily adapted to substitute your own favourite ingredients. I have […]


Lemon curd cupcakes

Two consecutive cup cake bakes- what can be happening?!- oh yes, it's national cupcake week. I probably won't make them for another year.. This particular bake might be the one to change my mind about that as it is filled with home made Thermomix lemon […]


Banoffee cup cakes

  It would remiss of me of let national cupcake week go without a mention. Regular readers will know I'm not big on cupcakes- too much sweetness in the frosting for me. I have overripe bananas and homemade Thermomix salted caramel ( which I had […]