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Molten chocolate dessert

While I annoyed with myself at not snapping the oozing pistachio filling coming out of these little beauties I must still post the product and the recipe. This was one of my dinner party dessert at the weekend and because the preparation had to happen […]

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A simply scrummy icing….

I have been rather quiet on the blogging front. No posts and reading of all the lovely blogs I follow. I am stateside now for a short while and hope to put that to rights. A dear friend had a significant birthday just before I […]


Millionaire’s Shortbread

  Take the best, butteriest, shortbread, top with salted caramel, and finish with best quality chocolate….drool!   There are probably tens of thousands of recipe for this old favourite on the web so I'll get straight to the origins of this one. Scottish shortbread is […]


Blackout cake

I make to no claim to this being the original or authentic Brooklyn Blackout cake. My only claim is that it is a winner, and I adapted it from a British recipe which claimed it was a Brooklyn blackout cake. I have adapted it for […]


Praline chocolate Brioche

Oh my- this is a winner! A simple Thermomix brioche filled with praline paste and chocolate spread, rolled and baked. The brioche is the Thermomix recipe from the chip/BCB on the premise that if this makes a wonderful brioche every time why mess with it. […]

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Chewy chocolate granola bars

I have made a fair few granola bars and as I have said before it really is up to you to ring the changes once you hit on the basic mix you like – the ratio of puffed cereal to oats for instance. If you […]


Naked celebration cake

I have been pinning these fashionable cakes for a little while now, and a friend's birthday this week gave me the opportunity to give one a try. There seem to be huge variations on what can be classed as 'naked'- some are distinctinctly rustic while […]

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Pear and chocolate frangipane tart

There are a lots of components to this dish but it is well worth the effort. You can mix it up by using your own favourite sweet pastry. The original recipe from which I have adapted this for the Thermomix is in Will Torrent’s Pâtisserie […]


Chocolate and pear scones

  Admit it, I had your attention at 'chocolate' and you also know what a match pear is with chocolate (think no further than pears belle Helene) so this is one combination to add to your scone portfolio. Joy the baker includes a version with […]


A-Z challenge where C is for chocolate

Chocolate rum cake from the sun kissed, rum basted island of Barbados recipe link here Chocolate rum cake Chocolate tart with spiced pear is total decadence, link to recipe here Pear and chocolate tart Chocolate marble cake is one of my most search for hits- […]


Salted caramel tarts

Some food photographs need few, if any, words of explanation. Mention salted caramel and you have my attention. This tart is so easy to bake ahead and impress your guests, but, a word of caution, it is probably a good idea to bake in you […]