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Lemon curd cupcakes

Two consecutive cup cake bakes- what can be happening?!- oh yes, it's national cupcake week. I probably won't make them for another year.. This particular bake might be the one to change my mind about that as it is filled with home made Thermomix lemon […]


Banoffee cup cakes

  It would remiss of me of let national cupcake week go without a mention. Regular readers will know I'm not big on cupcakes- too much sweetness in the frosting for me. I have overripe bananas and homemade Thermomix salted caramel ( which I had […]


Cupcakes for the gardener in your life

These fun cupcakes are ideal for anyone who loves gardening or just loves the look of what a garden can produce. The silicone 'pots' are now widely available from cook shops. Lakeland in the UK has stocked them for a while now. You can slip […]


Cupcake flower basket

  This cup cake flower basket was so easy that I will make it again and get every cupcake looking a bit more like a perfect rose- but I think this is good enough to post. All you need is a container, big enough to […]

Rose cupcakes

Rose cupcakes

These are rose cupcakes I made for a friend last weekend. My round the world adventure is now over so it's back to my guernsey kitchen -it was lovely to get baking! Everyone can make cupcakes, but if you haven't tried pouring a sugar syrup […]