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Chewy chocolate granola bars

I have made a fair few granola bars and as I have said before it really is up to you to ring the changes once you hit on the basic mix you like – the ratio of puffed cereal to oats for instance. If you […]


Biscoff granola bars

Granola bars are an essential stand by. Once you have the base ingredients just add the nuts, and dried I friends which you love. I love to add puffed rice, or other puffed cereal because it varies the texture. If you prefer nuts to dried […]


Granola – yet another….

Making your own granola sets you free from over sweetened, dodgy 'healthy' labels on prepackaged brands. It also allows to cater for your family's particular preferences and/or food intolerances. It has never been easier to find a huge range of sugar and grain alternatives in […]