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Healthy date bites

Ella Woodward's new cook book Deliciously Ella – named after her very popular food blog – is apparently the fastest selling maiden cook book ever in the UK. She has built up a huge loyal following on her blog, supplying her readers with no fuss, […]

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Lemon lavender mini loaves

I want to tell you about a new addition to my baking books library – Amber Rose love bake nourish. Her recipes make great use of alternative flours, refined sugar alternatives, and other ingredients. As a keen Thermomix baker this is music to my ears. […]


Thermomix Chewy muesli bars

You will make this basic recipe a firm favourite for healthy snacks and lunch box fillers. It's really up to up how you mix up the seeds, nuts, nut butters and sugars or sugar substitutes. Puffed cereal inside chewy slices are so yummy and easy […]


Take five

Of course you can choose any five or more ingredients for your favourite smoothie. Thermomix owners can throw that nutritious handful of their favourite nuts into the TM bowl and after a couple of seconds have a smooth ground mixture giving perfect balance to the […]


Golden berries every way

Golden berries- Apparently these little babies can help you burn belly fat – well, my belly certainly needs shedloads of that. Anyways, not being a dedicated Dr Oz follower I only found this out while doing a google search AFTER I had picked them up […]


Farmers’ markets

I have been travelling recently so home bakes have been out of the question. Now that all the travel gremlins – in the guise of French baggage handlers, open skies airline, Amtrak cardinal delays, dollar car rental fiasco, and Chicago April freezing snow- are behind […]


Green start to the day

I have been an enthusiastic Thermomix owner for years and a blogger for a little over a year. However, until recently I have not played around will the green healthy breakfast idea! I am simply amazed by how easy it is turn the second shot […]

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