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Clementine macarons

  With Xmas bakes all around us don't forget to give your next batch of macarons a festive twist- what do you mean you are scared to make them!!! Follow my basic recipe but add the grated zest of a clementine or satsuma, add some […]


Referendum bakes

Scots voted decicively on Thursday to stay within the union of United Kingdom and because I don't really need an excuse for a party or to feed a crowd, I made these themed bakes for Thursday's get together. Do not confuse fudge with tablet – […]


Salted caramel macarons

If you know my blog you know macarons are my 'thing'. I am not sure macarons impress more than things I consider to be more worthy of praise but they do. I am running one of my 'foolproof macaron' fundraising classes very soon and thought […]


Dolce de leche macarons

Time for another macaron variation! The number one rule when experimenting with the basic recipe, which you can find here, is to keep your paste nice and thick before you add the sugar syrup. Once you start adding liquids, whether that's colouring or flavouring you […]

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Elderflower genoise

I adapted this recipe from Lorraine Pascale Baking Made Easy. For bakers in the US who probably won’t have seen Lorraine on television, she is breath of fresh air, but best of all, her recipes WORK. I know that all recipes in books  SHOULD work […]

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Macarons 1

Macarons 1

All these people who cook, bake, photograph and blog so well have been inspirational. There's no doubt that Pinterest has been a superb vehicle for showing the talents of people worldwide and now I feel like joining that community in a small way. I have […]