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Oatmeal and maple syrup bread

  I found this recipe on a red star dried yeast pack. After playing around with it and adapting for the Thermomix the following is what I came up with. They call it a breakfast bread- it's so 'an anytime EAT ME bread' so I […]

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Oat bread

This is a super easy, non yeast bread which I came across in Paul Hollywood’s British Baking. In this book he organises the bakes by region of the British Isles and includes some lovely old recipes. I like Irish soda bread and this oat bread […]

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Thermomix Chewy muesli bars

You will make this basic recipe a firm favourite for healthy snacks and lunch box fillers. It's really up to up how you mix up the seeds, nuts, nut butters and sugars or sugar substitutes. Puffed cereal inside chewy slices are so yummy and easy […]


Muesli slice variations

I had a last minute request to provide bakes for a cancer research fundraiser, so it gave me a chance to adapt a couple of recipes I have been wanting to try for a while now. Tray bakes and muesli slices are perfect for such […]

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