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Pecan slices

  Who needs an excuse for a party? Silly question a know and certainly not me, so while I’m not American I always think thanksgiving is a great excuse to wheel out the gourds, Stars and Stripes, Americana …..and of course pecan pie!! This year I […]


Cranberry pecan rye bread

  I found this recipe in a Martha Stewart book. If I'm honest I thought the mixture was way too heavy and would bro ably result in a baked brick! It is a dense, fruity, nutty bread but very, very delicious. If you omit the […]


Pecan and cranberry bread

Marks and spencer sell a rather nice toasted pecan and cranberry batard, but since I am now trying to make any bread that passes my lips, I wanted to make a similar loaf using the thermomix. James Morton has a nice looking honey and walnut […]

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