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Molten chocolate dessert

While I annoyed with myself at not snapping the oozing pistachio filling coming out of these little beauties I must still post the product and the recipe. This was one of my dinner party dessert at the weekend and because the preparation had to happen […]

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Stollen with a twist

I love homemade stollen but am grateful the urge to make it only comes in December! I have given Lakeland a good few 'shout outs' recently, and here is another for their stollen tin. Of course you can simply roll a stollen as I have […]

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Pistachio and honey drizzle mini loaves

This cake is really special! I have adapted it from the Amber Rose's Love Bake Nourish, a book whose recipes I have feature previously. Her recipes work, they use alternative flours and sweeteners, and are easily adapted to substitute your own favourite ingredients. I have […]


Pistachio caraway biscotti

This was a first for me and my guernsey kitchen – biscotti. I have to add it will probably be the last biscotti I ever bake! It seemed a bit of a faff for a biscuit but all my tasters have said they were AMAZING. […]


Pistachio & Lemon cake

I collect those recipe cards which are at the end of aisles in supermarkets- the act of collection is usually as far as it goes. They are then ceremoniously thrown away, maybe a couple of months later. This cake, though, seemed so appealing and appropriate […]


Pistachio Friands

  These lovely oval French patisseries are delicious with homemade ice cream and or creme faîche. You can of course make this in a stand mixer. Delicious served with home made ice cream, or just creme fraîche. Enjoy!   ©anneniven


Pistachio cake

How annoying is it when you see some amazing bake on pinterest and the link (if there is one) takes you to only a photograph on tumblr?! Well I am going to pull off that today because I can't for the life of me remember […]