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Pear and chocolate frangipane tart

There are a lots of components to this dish but it is well worth the effort. You can mix it up by using your own favourite sweet pastry. The original recipe from which I have adapted this for the Thermomix is in Will Torrent’s Pâtisserie […]


Salted caramel tarts

Some food photographs need few, if any, words of explanation. Mention salted caramel and you have my attention. This tart is so easy to bake ahead and impress your guests, but, a word of caution, it is probably a good idea to bake in you […]


Lemon Mascarpone Tart

For many years my go to tart au citron is here. As a food blogger though I have to try variations in great staples especially when low sugar and food intolerant alternatives appear. This tart ticks some of these boxes. I use a spelt pastry […]


Christmas frangipane tart

If you watch mince pies fly off the table at this time of year you may yearn for a twist to this little favourite while still retaining the essential taste. Nigella Lawson included a recipe for frangipane mince pies in her 2000 cookbook How to […]


Orange Chocolate ganache tarts

I can't let chocolate week 2014 pass without a chocolate post and this is one of the most delicious tarts ever! The chocolate pastry is taken from the Thermomix book I love chocolate. You can of course make it in a food processor or by […]


Spiced Pear and chocolate tart

Another beauty from the I love chocolate, I love Thermomix book. This was one of my desserts for a dinner party last week and one of the lovely things about writing a food blog is that I can say 'look on the blog' when asked […]


Pumpkin and goats cheese tarts

For the vegetarian option don't add the Parma ham Another shout out for my lovely cook book Little and Friday by Kim Evans with this quiche. I like to serve individual tarts for dinner parties so have adapted the recipe. It is more fiddly and […]


Orange curd tart

Tart au citron is such a favourite of mine and my friends and family, that I tend to forget there are other citrus fruits. I adapted this Jamie Oliver recipe for the Thermomix and of course for something such as a curd mixture it is […]