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Wholewheat raisin loaf

For the second of my speciality breads this weekend I have turned to a very east, yummy raisin bread. The secret is to soak the raisins until they are fully plumped up. The more liquid you use in this soak the less water you should […]

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‘Swansea’ bloomer

‘Swansea’ bloomer

I am not sure I can call it a 'Swansea' after my variation using wholemeal flour. I have featured a rework from Paul Hollywood's British Baking in a previous post. He has organised the book by region of the British Isles and this Swansea is […]

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Fougasse – Thermomix

Most us know Focaccia but are less familiar with the French version Fougasse- clearly Italians are much better at marketing. Paul Hollywood featured this on the follow up GBBO masterclass programme and since I hadn’t made it previously I converted it to the Thermomix. I […]

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Wholewheat calzone

This whole wheat dough is a great variation, for it you'll need 220g water 1 tsp sugar 7g fast action yeast 400g wholewheat flour 30g olive oil Put the water in TM bowl and heat to tepid 37°, add the sugar and yeast and mix […]


Wholewheat milk loaf

Answer to the above is of course Michigan, and this lovely bread board had to feature in a post- if you want to feature a bread board you had better make bread! I have a breadboard in the shape of guernsey back in my guernsey […]